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Bioimaging with fluorescent diamond nanocrystals

par FRANCOIS TREUSSART - publié le , mis à jour le

Over the past decades nanoparticles, have found an increasing number of biomedical applications, as fluorescent tags, magnetic resonance contrast agents, for thermal effects under different irradiation methods, and as carriers for therapeutic agents. These properties may be used alone or combined in the same particle.

In this respect, diamond nanocrystals (nanodiamonds) is a promising device owing to its stable fluorescence, coming from embedded nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers, and its capacity to convey active therapeutic agents in cell culture and small animal.

In our team, we use fluorescent nanodiamonds in biomedical oriented projects and develop novel imaging setups taking advantage of the remarkable properties of NV color centers.

Video : Fluorescent nanodiamonds (red dots) moving inside branches of mouse hippocampal neurons in culture (real time, 20 frames/s) [see doi:10.1038/nnano.2016.260]

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