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Exemples de publications

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1 “ Bent graphite surfaces as guides for cluster diffusion and anisotropic growth”, Schmidt M., Kebaili N., Lando A., Benrezzak S., Baraton L., Cahuzac P., Masson A..(,) Bréchignac C. Physical Review B, 77 (20), 205420. (2009)
2 “Curvature effect on the interaction between folded graphitic surface and silver clusters”, Kemper A., Cheng H. P., Kebaili N., Benrezzak S., Schmidt M., Masson A. & (, ?) Bréchignac C. Physical Review B, 79 (19), 193403, (2009).
3 “Enhancement of Ag cluster mobility on Ag surfaces by chloridation”, Wu Y.N., Kebaili N., Cheng H.P., Cahuzac P., Masson A. , Bréchignac C. Journal of Chemical Physics, 137 (18), 184705. (2012).
4 “Thermally induced morphological transition of silver fractals”, Solov’yov I.A, Solov’yov A.V, Kebaili N., Masson A., Bréchignac C. Nature Materials (2013).
5 “Diffusion of silver nanoparticles on carbonaceous materials. Cluster mobility as a probe for surface characterization”, Kebaili N., Benrezzak S., Cahuzac P., Masson A., Bréchignac C. EPJD, 52 (1-3), 115-118. (2009).
6 “Atmospheric corrosion of silver nano-fractal”, Kebaili N., Benrezzak S., Cahuzac P., Masson A., Bréchignac C. Surface Science (2013).
7 “Fractal growth in the presence of a surface force field”, F. Carlier, E. Brion, V. M. Akulin, Eur. Phys. B 85, 152 (2012).