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Goulven Quéméner (in English)


Welcome to my webpage ! I am a permanent CNRS Researcher at Laboratoire Aimé Cotton in the Théomol team, in Orsay (France). My area of research concerns the collisions of ultracold molecules, shaped by arbitrary electric, magnetic, electromagnetic fields and confinements of optical lattices. Every year, these works lead to several publications and communications in conferences.

Last news

10/12/2018 : Publication in Phys. Rev. X 8, 041044 (2018) of our article "Dipolar collisions of ultracold ground-state bosonic molecules".

16/10/2018 : Publication in Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 163402 (2018) of our article "Controlling the scattering length of ultracold dipolar molecules" from the work of Lucas Lassablière’s internship.